Who is Hodi International?

Our starting point is professionalism:

Hodi International, located in Veenendaal, started with producing cutlery pouches for the catering industry and catering wholesalers in the Netherlands in 2006. We have now managed to develop into a producer with our own warehousing and fulfilment. We supply our products, including the Pochetto, Naptidi and the Napkin Sleeve, to more than 28 countries. However, our vision of delivering quality products at a competitive price in combination with a very high level of service, has remained exactly the same over the years. We serve our customers from that standard. Hodi International forms part of the very top of the professional disposables market.

Staying ahead through innovation:

Hodi International’s strength lies in following and applying production, research and development innovations. This means our customers can choose from a strong and wide range of quality products, whereby sustainability certainly also plays a very important role. Our customer portal is another example of how we effectively apply innovations. The customer portal provides our customers with an easy insight into their orders and order history. Our specialists work together with our design department to continuously optimise our information, service, quality and service provision.


Our focus has solely been on the development, production and marketing of our cutlery pouches since our foundation. We have excellent expertise at our disposal in the field of product options and customer wishes as a manufacturer. Our team of specialists has more than 10 years of experience and is therefore ready to answer any of your questions and requests. Your customer contact will always go through a regular advisor, someone who knows the market inside out and who will always be fully transparent and honest. That’s what’s made Hodi International a proven and reliable partner.

Have we aroused your interest? Call us on 0318-561100 and we’d be more than happy to tell you all about the possibilities Hodi International can offer you.

Our Products: