Who is Hodi Verpakkingsmaterialen?

We’re involved with the development, production, purchase and sale of packaging materials.

Our starting point is professionalism:

Hodi BV started packaging various different products for third parties in 1996. We haven’t just grown and developed as a packager since that time, but also as a professional total supplier of packaging materials, with our own warehousing and fulfilment. We serve our customers from that standard. Hodi Packaging Materials has managed to work its way all the up to the top of the professional market and boasts branches in both the Netherlands and Poland.

Staying ahead through innovation:

You’ll be able to keep firm control of your consumption and costs as a result of our high degree of automation. One example of this is our customer portal. This portal gives our customers a complete insight into their consumption and stock levels of all products. The fact that we calculate everything ourselves and proactively inform you about ordering moments and quantities will actually make your purchasing, ordering and delivery process faster and easier. We assist our customers with appropriate advice by combining our knowledge with the latest innovations, which means there are usually significant savings to be enjoyed.


Hodi Packaging Materials has a team of experienced specialists at its disposal, who will carefully review and support your entire packaging process. We deliver within 24 hours as standard and quality guarantees are a matter of course and naturally always at the best possible price. We do this in a transparent, sustainable and honest manner. That’s what has turned Hodi Packaging Materials BV into a proven and reliable partner.

Reliable, innovative and professional.

Have we aroused your interest? Call us on 0318-546500 and we’d be more than happy to tell you all about the packaging possibilities.

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