Who is MWP Packaging?

Cost-effective stretching with MWP’s stretch films:

MWP Packaging has been active in the packaging market in the Benelux for more than 25 years.

We have succeeded in producing stretch films which have a very high load capacity, which are stronger and which can withstand a very high puncture resistance for many years by using the most modern plastics, production processes and continuous innovation.

Many users have already turned into very loyal and satisfied customers as a result of the key points mentioned above, as well as our service.

The MWP stretch film differs from other stretch films because of the use of top quality granulates and a different ratio between the main raw materials (metallocene, octene and butene). Plus other additives have been used too, which means we can now guarantee a stronger product with greater stretchability and puncture resistance.

Less stretch film will subsequently be required per wrapped pallet, consumption is an average of 25% lower (cost savings).

Less waste is also produced (environmentally friendly).

Customers will also be able to realise significant cost savings in relation to the packaging tax to be paid (as consumption is, on average, 25% lower than conventional films).

All films supplied by us are recyclable.

Have we aroused your interest? Call us on 0416-651 365 and we’d be more than happy to tell you all about the possibilities MVP Packaging can offer.