Who is Pacoma Europe?a

Importer of various final packaging machines and preferred distributor of the Italian SIAT brand.

Packaging machines & materials

We can ensure our packaging machines will always meet your specific requirements as a result of 30 years of experience and our own technical service department.

After all, pretty much anyone can sell a standalone packaging machine. But by no means everyone is going to know the best packaging machine for your specific product(s) and production line(s). Pacoma does!!

Pacoma knows which specific things attention needs to be devoted to, making sure your investment functions as efficiently as possible, preventing faults and damage. Pacoma can offer solutions which will continue to meet your needs for so long that they’ll ultimately be the cheapest solutions.

This requires good machines and materials and, above all, years of experience and excellent knowledge in the packaging solutions field. This is exactly what Pacoma has been offering hundreds of different customers throughout the Benelux and beyond for more than 30 years. This allows us to provide you with perfect advice for the best possible packaging solution at the lowest costs per packaged product.

Pacoma also supplies all packaging materials, including strapping tape, stretch film and tapes, which can be processed on these final packaging machines. This is certainly an aspect which shouldn’t be underestimated, as it’s absolutely essential that the correct packaging materials are matched to the relevant machine(s).

Prevent capital destruction as a result of purchasing the wrong machines. Don’t frustrate employees with unnecessary disruptions and delays. Realise the lowest possible costs per packaged product thanks to an optimal packaging line.

Contact us now and talk to one of our specialists about how we’re going to realise this.

Or take a look at our range of final packaging machines from, for example, SIAT, 3M, Bestpack & Transpak.

We have a wide range of box sealing machines, strapping machines and pallet wrappers.

Our Products:

OneWrap palletwikkelaar      omsnoeringsmachine       f344-f346 doosopzetter   SL2350 tape dispenser   stretchfolie wikkelfolie